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JUDr. Jiří Obršlík, Attorney at Law

...for You - Our Special Offer for you

If you become a casualty of a car accident caused by a driver of another vehicle, we will represent you for free and our fees will be paid by an offender.

Should you suffer a damage in a car accident which was entirely caused by someone else, you will pay nothing for our services. We will take care of your case and our fees will be paid by a driver who caused your damage.
We will provide you with full details of our services upon request.

In some litigation cases we charge our clients with the fees depending on client´s revenues from the case.

Under certain circumstances we represent our clients in a court proceedings for a fee payable only upon the condition our client´s claim is supported by the court.
The conditional fee agreement is offered to clients having a claim of which successful enforcement is difficult to be predicted and the client is not willing to pay our fees without success in the case.
If a conditional fee arrangement is made, our fees is calculated as a particular share of a client´s success in the case. Therefore, we will charge the client with no fees if the case is not upheld by the court.

Establishment of a limited liability company or a joint stock company - special fee

We provide a complete legal support to start-up businesses covering a set-up of a limited liability company, obtaining one permit and registration of a company in the company register for a special fee CZK 9,000 excl. VAT.
We also provide a complete legal support to start-up businesses covering a set-up of a joint stock company, legal assistance in selection of appropriate company structure, registration of company in company register, advising on convening and holding of general meeting of shareholders, issuing of shares etc. Our fee is between CZK 40 000,- and approx. CZK 75 000,- (exl. VAT) depending on the extent of each transaction.